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The staff at braddurack.com knows what it takes to get jobs done. We believe in nothing else than perfection and each one of our seasoned experts from various marketing, design and development fields work closely together to deliver excellent websites that make money for you. We strive for our valued client relationships and delivering more than what is expected.

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We know that excellent website design is the foundation of your online business and all other marketing. Any other marketing is complimented and enhanced by the expertise of the web design as a good website backs up many marketing techniques. Take a look at a few of the hundreds of website we have done in the past and decide for yourself.

Braddurack.com’s first client ever was none other than Earth-Bound.co.za a leather and wood specialist with a large collection of leather goods and exotic woods. Taking their idea and putting it on an incredibly well designed website displaying their woods and products in a way that will mean business was our first challenge. Today we are proud to be associated with the large brand they have become and continue to work closely with them.

After the success we had with numerous non-profit organizations including the ASPCA we continued reaching higher heights and since then have we completed stunning websites in the Technology, retail, Leisure, Industrial, Food and Drink, Corporate, Construction and Automotive industries to name a few industries.

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March 28, 2017

Why Your Website is your Improved Business Card

Many individuals think that when they have a business card it is enough. Even though a business card is important as it fits into a pocket […]
March 28, 2017

Web Design ideas for 2017

Everybody tends to get nostalgic about a year gone by and starts thinking about New Year’s resolutions.


  • When I decided to take my small business selling home made products online I never expected them to take on a small project such as mine. However with the expert advice they developed a website that reaches my target market effectively and what is even better is the low price and outstanding customer service I received throughout. https://canli.bahissitelericepte.info/
    Jonathan Carter,
    owner of woodsandcraftsonline.com
  • My sales have increased since I asked them to develop my technology website bahistanbul I love technology however know nothing about what it takes to design and develop a great website. They have helped me to move my business forward and put it out there for the world to see. The design is impactful and represent my business as I wanted it and beyond. My brand is finally alive with their technology, content, design and marketing strategy they incorporated. I am incredibly satisfied!
    Jason Marwell
  • I love what they did with my cooking blog. I have tremendous amount of increased in traffic and my sales have increased with the lovely graphics and beautiful layout. The shopping cart and everything else is super professional and I have paid much less with the than any other quote I received elsewhere. https://online.canliruletcasino1.net/
    Lindy Peterson,
  • Mug&Bean is proud to be associated with braddurack.com with their design and programming expertize. As a large company offering the best food and drink we needed a website that compliments us and they went above and beyond to deliver a design that is far exceeding our expectations. Great job indeed with many compliments from valued customers. http://saraybahis.net/
    Geert Moss,
    owner at mugg&bean.com
  • Awesome website designers and programmers! When I decided to make my brick and mortar clothing store an online store instead, I had my doubts. Not only have I cut costs tremendously as I do not have any expensive overheads and rentals to pay, but my sales have grown beyond believe.  Everything is displayed professionally and navigation is simple and easy with all my clients complimenting me on my website. It is truly a Godsend when I found these professionals who are so eager to assist me regardless of my problem or question in regards to websites.
    owner of anikofashionista.com
  • Among the thousands of web designers and developers I could have chosen from I decided on braddurack.com as the prices were great even though they had no prove or previous references to go on. It was the best decision and today I have a website which is https://guvenlebahisoyna.com/ to be proud of and over the years have I grown from a one-man show to a huge corporation with thousands of customers all complimenting my design, ease of use and platform that looks great across all devices. Thank you guys and girls you have a very satisfied customer in me!
    Jack Gibson
    CEO of guvenlebahisoyna.me
  • We love our website design and it has taken us from being a small player to a competitor worthy of noticing. They have taken us from being nobody and built an impactful brand with thousands of monthly visitors and increase in sales. This is a company we would recommend and proudly associate with floridasailfish.com
    Desmond Potter,
    CEO of anchor.com