Why Your Website is your Improved Business Card

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March 28, 2017

Why Your Website is your Improved Business Card

Many individuals think that when they have a business card it is enough. Even though a business card is important as it fits into a pocket or wallet it only says very little about you or your business. A printed square centimetres is limited whereas your website is never constraint by size. Aside from a business card being in a wallet a website exist in cyberspace with absolutely zero limits.

  1. Your business is global

While your business card remains in a wallet or on a client’s desk, your website offers an all-expenses paid worldwide trip regardless of where in the world you are. Ecommerce labelled website design allows you to spread your wings across continents and countries.

  1. Your website can talk back

A website give you vital feedback and it is the best way for clients to communicate with you and comment. Feedback potential is limitless and you know what works and what should be eliminated especially via website analytics.

  1. Unlimited business hours

It is very relevant when you look at a website that it works for you even while you sleep, 24/7. While you are away and business hours are done with your customers can get information and answers instead of waiting for opening hours.

  1. Brand-building powerhouse

While useful is the business card in your wallet a glorified nametag as it merely showcase your logo and identity. It cannot do what a website can in regards to building a relevant and current brand. Keeping content interesting and informative will build your brand to a powerhouse of note.

  1. Target market magnet

Your website not only introduce you to your clients, but a well-designed website reel customers in. It is the ultimate tool for sales pitching without you having to say or do anything except present the world with your brilliantly designed website with no need for additional advertising.

  1. Websites are forward thinking and flexible

A business card is permanent and even when something changes like job titles, additional products and services etc. it remains the same. This require reprints while websites are easily and quickly updated.

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